Terms and conditions of use

Please note!

We are continuing to ship during the stay at home order! Our techs are working from home. If you need tech support, email contact is reccomended. Thanks!

1, product purchase, please carefully check the product type and quantity, as buyers will be reimbursed wrong goods, buyers need to bear from the freight. Products powered or after installation no longer be returned.

2, the buyer need to bulk purchase of goods, reach out to us before making confirm whether the goods, prices or lower prices, in order to avoid the emergence of temporary out of stock. Offer to the day prevail. Contact us because there is no price and shortage caused by the dispute, the buyer bear all the consequences; captured goods, please make a payment within a day, the price changes arising expired, out of the situation by the buyer.

3, please carefully check the packaging when the buyer received the goods, and open the package in front of delivery personnel, determine whether the appearance of damaged goods, and check the number. If you have questions, please contact the spot delivery seller phone on the express orders. Once the sign, you are deemed to agree on the appearance of the product and quantity, this business will not make money and make our return replacement goods.